Is data conversion a critical part of your system implementation, but you’re NOT a data conversion company? The bad news is data conversions are inherently prone to challenges and complexities that tend to cause project delays and cost overruns. Moreover, they most certainly result in lost opportunity cost as they take resources away from your core business activities. The good news is we’re here to help and we ARE a data conversion company.

We specialize in moving data from one system to another whether that be for a new system implementation, consolidation of existing systems, population of a data warehouse, or simply the need to exchange data between systems. We handle all aspects of the conversion process from mapping to loading; providing project management and quality assurance throughout.

Our tools and techniques allow us to turnaround conversion deliverable’s quickly and with less risk than traditional methods.

We significantly lessen the programming hours required to execute a conversion through map-driven, automated conversion script generation. Not only does this eliminate one of the most common problems on any conversion project (the dreaded moment when you realize the mapping documentation and the conversion scripts are out of sync and no one is sure which one is right!), but it also significantly reduces total cost of conversion.

Our Approach

Successful data conversion is not just about moving the data from Source to Target. It is ultimately about making sure the data will work well in the new system which means we invest our human effort heavily on the analysis activities and automate as much of the conversion code development as we can. Our data analysts will work with your subject matter experts, business analysts, and clients to gain an understanding of the Source and Target data structures, the most critical data elements, and hidden application data constraints (those that are not obvious from the physical data structures).

We approach the load activities in subsets (groups of tables) so that feedback occurs early and often. This iterative approach allows for the correction of errors or introduction of changes at the point when they are the least expensive to fix or accommodate (shortly after coding) and gives your internal team and client confidence a constant pulse on the state of the conversion activities. Our team will demonstrate progress to yours at regular scheduled intervals (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) to ensure risks are mitigated and issues are addressed in a timely manner. We apply best practices project management and software development life cycle concepts to all our conversion projects – large or small, we firmly believe following a proven process is key to success on any project.

While the core outcome of our conversion projects is to successfully migrate the data from one system to another, the nature of our analysis activities throughout the conversion will leave you with another valuable asset – A detailed data dictionary of the Target system. This data dictionary will go beyond basic physical relationships and also detail any data-driven dependencies that exist within the application logic itself. This is a resource that will be of use to the client long after the conversion is done; providing in-depth understanding of their system’s data components and relationships to better enable them to manage their data, create reports, develop imports/exports, and more.

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What you can Expect

A senior team of data conversion experts to oversee and execute all aspects of your conversion project with a strong emphasis on analysis, quality, communication, and adherence to deadlines and budgets. Specific conversion deliverable’s we will leave you with at the end of the project include:

  • Converted Data
  • Data Mapping Documentation
  • Conversion Scripts
  • QA Scripts
  • Conversion Output Summary & Execution Steps Documentation

All code-based deliverable’s will contain comments should you ever need to reuse or modify these scripts in the future for different project needs.

What You Can Expect

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Simplifying ETL – making your data conversion projects Faster, Cheaper, Better.

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