Sufata is the story of Debbie Spencer and John Cox, two colleagues who spent more than 14 years working together in software companies large and small. A dynamic duo of certified project manager/business analyst and software architect – they worked together like a well-oiled machine. Creative, efficient, dedicated – they cultivated their skills and learned how to work in a way that made their client’s lives easier. With over 35 years of combined experience implementing and managing data-driven, enterprise applications in different markets for organizations of varying sizes, they saw data conversion problems repeated over and over, and witnessed more than one large system implementation project run significantly over budget and be delivered late as a result. After seeing the same conversion challenges plague multiple organizations, they knew there had to be a better way.

From their own pain of experiencing unnecessary internal team and client anxiety stemming from data migration challenges, that all too often resulted in cost overruns, long hours, project delays, deflated teams, and unhappy clients, the concept of  S.U.F.A.T.A. emerged. Standing for Save Us From All The Anxiety, it became their driving force to find ways to do data conversion differently and achieve better outcomes…and they certainly have!

In 2014, Debbie and John decided it was time to use their collective knowledge and experience to start an entrepreneurial journey with the goal of developing data-driven services, tools and processes that significantly lessen the unnecessary anxiety that can come with software implementations and the long term management of data-driven systems. When it came time to select a company name, the choice was clear… S.U.F.A.T.A had to be the embodiment and constant reminder of what they set out to achieve. With that, Sufata Software Solutions, Inc was born. They began as a consulting team of 2 delivering data conversion services and have come along way since opening their doors for business. Today, Sufata has a team of experts with a wealth of hands on experience managing and developing applications for Oracle and SQL Server databases of varying size and complexity. They believe that quality data and the ease at which an organization can leverage that data are critical success factors for your business. Sufata offers a suite of software products and services to help businesses get the most from their enterprise data to empower their business. If you have data, we can manage it, protect it, move it, analyze it, clean it, project it, and more!

Meet the Founders

Debbie Spencer-Bond
Debbie Spencer-BondCEO
Senior project manager and business analyst with over 17 years of experience in the IT industry; spending the last 15 years focused on enterprise level, data-driven system implementations for local government. With a reputation for quickly gaining the trust of clients through sound judgment, managing expectations and meeting deadlines, Debbie has a proven track record of successful system implementations and satisfied clients both domestically and internationally.
John Cox
John CoxCTO
Senior technical architect with over 30 years of experience designing, developing, and supporting enterprise-level data driven systems in various industries. John has a unique ability to quickly comprehend the business problem and design sound technical solutions to fit both the client need and budget.

Let our team of experts help you leverage your data to achieve your business goals!